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Café Dinard

Café Dinard is an oyster & fish orientated bar which is named after the stylish french coastal village Dinard, in Brittany, France. This region is known for its fresh shellfish, crab, oysters and its Belle Époque lifestyle.

At Café Dinard we devote ourselves to celebrate the good life. We urge you to toast with your loved ones over a glass of champagne.

If bubbles are not your thing our bartenders will gladly fix you one of our unique cocktails created to compliment Café Dinard’s menu.

The restaurant has a stylish and warm interior, with wooden floors, leather chairs, and a marble bar. The restaurant also has a spacious and sunny terrace, where guests can enjoy their meals and drinks in the open air. The restaurant has a friendly and attentive staff, who are happy to help and advise the guests on their choices. The restaurant also has a lively and relaxed atmosphere, where guests can have a casual or romantic dinner, or a fun and festive night out.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM. The restaurant accepts reservations, walk-ins, and takeaways. The restaurant also hosts events, such as live music, wine tastings, and oyster happy hours. The restaurant has a high rating and positive reviews from its customers, who praise the quality and taste of the food, the service and ambiance of the restaurant, and the value and portion of the dishes. [See this article] for some examples of customer reviews.

Café Dinard is a great place to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal of oysters and fish, or any other dish of your preference, in a charming and cozy setting. The restaurant is also a great place to have a drink and a chat with your friends, family, or date, in a lively and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers a taste of the French seaside in the heart of Amsterdam, you should definitely visit Cafe Dinard. Bon appetit!

Anne of Cleeves